Image Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Description Quantity Available Unit Price Order
FPW-3045-EDA FPW-3045-EDA Terasic Inc. AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 24W 0 In Stock $0.00000/pcs
FXX-3037-TOP FXX-3037-TOP Terasic Inc. MG996R SERVO 62 In Stock $12.50000/pcs
FXX-3061-MIX FXX-3061-MIX Terasic Inc. XIAOMI MI PORTABLE WIFI 20 In Stock $8.75000/pcs
FXX-3040-ACE FXX-3040-ACE Terasic Inc. BATTERY FOR TERASIC SPIDER 8 In Stock $50.00000/pcs
FXX-3006-JES FXX-3006-JES Terasic Inc. INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL 61 In Stock $6.25000/pcs
FCB-3086-JMS FCB-3086-JMS Terasic Inc. MICRO USB OTG CABLEUSB5MUSB AF 37 In Stock $4.00000/pcs
FPW-3006-LTE FPW-3006-LTE Terasic Inc. POWER SUPPLY 12VDC 2A 0 In Stock $0.00000/pcs
FCB-3020-SMT FCB-3020-SMT Terasic Inc. DE3 TO DE3 HSTC CABLE 8 In Stock $337.50000/pcs
FCB-3041-SMT FCB-3041-SMT Terasic Inc. DE4 TO DE4 HSMC CABLE 19 In Stock $337.50000/pcs
FXX-3041-ESS FXX-3041-ESS Terasic Inc. USB BLUETOOTH DONGLE CLASS 1 C 5 In Stock $16.25000/pcs
FCB-3051-UAS FCB-3051-UAS Terasic Inc. PCIE X4 GENERATION 2 CABLE 13 In Stock $65.34000/pcs
FCB-3029-ULX FCB-3029-ULX Terasic Inc. CORD CEE 7/16 - IEC 320-C7 5.90 8 In Stock $2.00000/pcs
FCB-3096-UAS FCB-3096-UAS Terasic Inc. 3METER PCIEX4 GEN 2 CABLE 0 In Stock $0.00000/pcs
FCB-3095-UAS FCB-3095-UAS Terasic Inc. 2METER PCIEX4 GEN 2 CABLE 8 In Stock $84.38000/pcs
FBK-3044-00 FBK-3044-00 Terasic Inc. PCA3 HALF-HEIGHT PCIE BRACKET 2 In Stock $5.00000/pcs
FCB-3030-ALT FCB-3030-ALT Terasic Inc. CABLE ASSEMBLY 8 In Stock $12.50000/pcs
FPW-3053-EDA FPW-3053-EDA Terasic Inc. ADAPTER DC 12V/2A 8 In Stock $13.75000/pcs
FCB-3017-ULX FCB-3017-ULX Terasic Inc. UNIVERSAL AC ADAPTER 8 In Stock $2.00000/pcs
F3MRAF F3MRAF Switchcraft Inc. CONN RCPT MALE XLR 3POS SOLDER 249 In Stock $10.35000/pcs
F3MSTF F3MSTF Switchcraft Inc. CONN RCPT MALE XLR 3POS SOLDER 12 In Stock $9.97900/pcs